Faculty and Staff

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Administration and Staff

Dan Clayton ext. 1279              Athletic Director

Heidi DavisAfter School Program

Carey Holtz ext. 1273        Fundraising Coordinator

Mark Muthig ext. 1276  Business Manager

Christine Geffers ext. 1272 Business Office Asst.

Carl Draeger                Custodian

Tyararr Jones ext. 1309       Dean of Students

Lorie Busch ext. 1270Elementary Office Manager

Brad Dunn ext. 1274                 Head of School

Ben Peterson ext. 1275       Guidance Counselor

Joan Paterson                     Host Home Coordinator

Beth Acker-Hall                 Lunch Coordinator

Debbie Wallace ext. 1278Communications Coordinator

Tara Westpfahl ext. 1299       Secondary Office Manager

Sean Freund ext. 1300       Principal

Alyson Clayton ext. 1293
Assisted Learning Coord.

Elementary and Preschool School Faculty

Peggy Kehoe ext. 1281

Amber Clark ext. 1285
Second Grade

Rebecca Thompson
Second Grade

Kris Brey ext. 1286
Third Grade

Josh Gross ext. 1290
Fourth Grade

Erik Kallio
Fifth Grade

Erin Pletcher ext. 1292             Computer, Art

Beth Freund

Tanya Frees ext. 1296
Physical Education

Middle and High School Faculty

Dan Clayton ext. 1279
Algebra I, Science-6, MS Fitness

Brian Davis ext. 1303
Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry, Calculus

Tanya Frees ext. 1296
Health,  P.E. 6-9th

Jeanne Gutierrez ext. 1304
HS English, Spanish

Allison Hardy ext. 1302
Theatre, Sign Language

Michelle Haydin ext. 1289
Bible-6, Math-7, English 6,7,8

Becca Jepson ext. 1308
HS Computer Science, Math-6, Pre-algebra, Algebra I, II

Nicole Jonas
Middle School History

Tyararr Jones ext. 1309
Bible-7,8, Weight Training

Robert Kramer ext. 1297             Band Director

Scott Landwehr ext. 1291
AP Art, HS Art

Nadine Mohline ext. 1306
English-12, AP English, International English, Journalism, ELL

Erin Pletcher ext. 1292             MS Computer Science, Art

Martha Wahl ext. 1301
MS/HS Science