School Choice Program

Valley Christian School is an approved School Choice (“voucher”) school.

2021-2022 School Choice Program open enrollment is February 1-April 15, 2021.  

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) awards vouchers, to families who qualify, for 100% of tuition at the WPCP school of the recipient’s choice.

  • A voucher covers 100% of your tuition.
  • Once awarded a voucher cannot be revoked
  • Students will retain that voucher through 12th grade regardless of a family’s financial situation

If your family meets the eligibility requirements, it is important that you apply to this program during the open application window.  

For WPCP residency and income eligibility requirements, FAQ, and the Online Parent Application:

Please click here to view the VCS report card of School Choice Students: Summary or Detailed Report Card.

If you do not plan to apply this year, but would like to receive a reminder email and link from our school for a School Choice Application when the time comes in the future,  please contact us here:

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